Westerville Rotary Golf League at Arrowhead Lakes
Arrowhead Golf Course
Sunbury, Ohio
Every Monday in season



all subs must be on the list and paid in advance to play!
if you bring or send a family member or friend to play for you they must be on the official sub list and $20.00 paid in advance

no exceptions!  New for 2017, subs can pay as they play or $10.00 for the first round that they sub for and $10.00 for the second.  They will be considered paid for the rest of the season after that.  However, they must see jim elter and pay prior to play.

The list of substitutes located on the player lists/contact us page have been pre-approved by the league for your convenience.  You are required to find your own sub when unable to play!  you can contact someone on the list that may better match your flight's handicaps or you can submit a request on this "request for sub" page and the webmaster will broadcast it to all of the listed substitutes.  here is how it works:

1. fill out the "request for sub" form below
2.  the first sub that responds to the request and "replies to all" in the email that was sent to them for that event and the webmaster will notify the sub who he will be playing.
3.please arrive at the course and ready to play between 3:45 and 4:15PM
4.  the player that is requesting the sub will know by the "reply to all" in the email who is subbing for them and as a courtesy, should inform their opponent who the sub will be.
5.  this system should not be used for a last minute request!  please send requests at least one day in advance or find your own sub.
6.  please call your opponent in unable to find a sub so they don't have to wait around for your to show up.  at that point, they will simply play the flight's ghost.

To request a sub from the official list please complete the form below and submit to the webmaster

subs that wish to take the place of a regular player must "reply all" in the email sent to them so all the subs on the list know that the position has been filled for the play date.  Subs must be on the approved sub list to play or see jim elter prior to play.

Request for Sub Form
If you need  a sub for your round next week, please fill out this request and send it.  All subs on the list will receive the request and respond to you if they are available.
Date you need a sub:
First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:

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