Westerville Rotary Golf League at Arrowhead Lakes
Arrowhead Golf Course
Sunbury, Ohio
Every Monday in season

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2017 Playoff Winners

Last round stats and flight winners: 

A flight - Bullock 37   vs  Powell 42

B flight - Gibson, B 42   vs   Pritz  41 - Gibson wins with winning 4 holes to Kurt's 3 and splitting low net an getting .5 point....1.5 to .5

C flight - Arnold 47  vs  Elter 49

D flight - Meacham 43  vs  Flaherty  51

See you in 2018!


  Score cards are available on our "Score cards" page.

Tim Bullock and Jim Elter, Co-Chairmen

Phone: 614-891-6857 Home or 740-965-3365 Office

Cell: 614-314-7627

Email: jimelter@elterbldg.com

Also, there is a new sub contact section on our brand new

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For information please contact 

Jim Elter, Co-Chairman  740-965-3365
Tim Bullock, Co-Chairman 614-891-1131
Wendell McCurdy, Webmaster 614-563-0574 



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